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Our History

A Brief History of Thorah Township and Beaverton

Settlers, predominantly Scots, began arriving in Thorah Township in the 1820's. Around Calder's mill grew the village of Milton (later called Beaverton) which, in time, had grist, flour, saw and woollen mills, a tannery, a foundry, tradesmen and stores. Churches and schools also appeared.
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In 1870 Beaverton became the terminus, for a time, of Port Hope, Lindsay, Beaverton Railway, and in 1884 an incorporated village.

Population growth in this area slowed down in the late 1800's with movement to larger centres and to Western Canada.

By 1900 Lake Simcoe's transportation advantages had waned, but its recreation benefits increased. The coming of a second railway, the Canadian National, boosted tourism.

historical photo The 20th Century has seen many changes. Lakeview Manor opened in 1967. Today Seeburn Division of Ventra Group Inc. is the largest employer. Beaverton, and it's 5500 residents, provide services for the surrounding countryside, the tourist industry, and a growing retirement and commuter community.

Click Here to learn about our Old Stone Jail, originally built in the late 1840's.

The Beaverton Thorah Eldon Historical Society has the following DVD/Video programs available:

Romancing the Stones - Beaverton’s Old Stone Jail
Gives a background of events around the Old Stone Jail – it includes the actual moving of the jail from one end of town to it’s present location.

What's Going On in 1998
See many areas in and around Beaverton...The Lion’s Club takes us up to see the newly restored Bell in the ex Townhall tower...Visit the Strand Theatre to learn about and see one of Canada’s oldest film projectors...The Town Hall Players let us in on a rehearsal...and more!

What Went On in 1999 to 2000
Continues to explore various events around Beaverton...Visiting the Fall Fair...We see the new sculpture ‘Flight’ being designed, built and installed...and many, many more events!

Our Home Town 1938 Revisited
This was shot as a silent 16mm film in 1938. It has recently been restored, with music effects and new voice overs added.

BTE Historical Society - 25th Anniversary Parts 1 and 2
The history of the Society from the start to the present.

Reflections of the Past (glimpses of some of our senior members into various parts of their lives):
Aimie Furness Davidson
Dick Goard
Emma Dawson
Joan Stemp
Mae MacAlpine
Mildred Goard
Mildred Greenwood
The McAlpines
Terry & Audrey Jones
Louis Brown on Budge Crawley

Unveiling Library Plaque

Opening Day (official opening of Stone Jail)

Beaverton Public School - 75th Reunion

Morrison’s 90th Birthday

World Shorthorn Conference visit the Brown’s Farm

Makeover Beaverton Carnegie Library

South Eldon Legacy of the first Church

The Cedarhurst (Golf) Story

150 Years Down Memory Lane (2003 Fall Fair)
Beaverton 150th Fall Fair
Beaverton Old Stone Church
The Strand Theatre

To purchase a VHS, DVD or CD, please call Helen Alsop at 705-426-9460.
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